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About Us

World Peace World Freedom

How the term Grains Of Sand came to mind..

After 6 weeks or so of self isolating on my own so i could concentrate with no negativity or distraction near me so i could further what i had already learnt about the worlds going on growing up from the age of my early 20s.

My passion for life, happiness for all and future of the world for our future generations is the most important thing to me and always have been.

To be honest i always thought there would be a world rebellion of some kind towards the elite and governments, but did not think it would be in my life time.  

One of my first thoughts when this pandemic started was in a way quite a relief to me in the way of, if we can get over this and hopefully kind of reset the world to be a better place to live with out all the corruption, deception, control, child/women trafficking, peadophilia, and the need to keep the general public in dept and constantly under pressure. To be fair just about everything how we live today and have done in the past has always been a myth to me as to why it has to be like this. Never really understood why anyone would want to control or disrespect another human being the way they have done for many years. But on the other hand form personal experience i have noticed over the years that the more money most people get the more they want takes them  further from nature and reality. They seem to see it as there GOD and makes them think they are higher up the human food chain than everyone else as they have more naughts in there bank accounts. So you can well imagine when they get to be the richest people in the world there next goal can only be to rule and control the world. Which is exactly whats happening right now in front of us. 

When i was in my early 30s i wanted to try and help show the beautiful people of the world what was going off. Back then it would of been a tall order as i had my own business which took up most of my time and to be totally honest i thought hang on a minnuite, i have young children. Id learnt that anyone who ever tried to do good or make peace in the world got assassinated. I know its a bit far fetched that i thought that it could happen to me as im just a nobody on the scheme of things but the thought was there and i decided not to do anything as to not put my children in harms way. It played on my mind to this very day. And now im 56 years old i said to myself i have to do this now and play my part in standing up to be counted in fighting for my kids, grandkids and the beautiful people of the world to help secure there future for many generations. I told my family i have to do this as it feels like its my calling and all the dots have joined up from my life’s experiences and have will fight to the very end. I’ve stood by my family and been with my wife for 43 years now and all our children are now grown up. I said to my wife and kids your on your own now i need be alone to use every little might in my body to try and help secure the rest of your lives and your children’s lives.  I have a grandson and 2 granddaughters who i absolutely adore and i feel as a POPPA it is my duty to do what i can to help secure there future and is free from evil. The thought of my children, grandchildren, friends families and people of the world growing up in world in a slave like controlled way just hurts me with pain i’ve never ever felt before.  I vowed to myself many years ago when i die i will die be happy and nothing makes me more happier than helping fight for the future of my family and mankind.

Any way after about 6 weeks or so of constantly researching about what’s going off in the world 18/20 hours a day week i week out my daughter came to see me and said dad what are you doing in here alone, you’ve locked yourself away for far to long now and was very concerned. 

I was on my laptop at the time and i turned round and said Megan i’m trying to help save the world, she looked at me like dad you’ve lost it haha. I said not like i think i’m a superhero like supper man or anything haha. I said i’m just a grain of sand on the grand scheme of things on earth and in the universe a tiny spec that you cant even see. She looked bemused to say the least haha I said imagine if millions or even billions of grains of sand got to together it could build a huge mountain and all of a sudden things can change. So if enough people get together like we are doing on the internet then we can be seen and have VOICE like never known before. 

And that’s where the name Grains Of Sand for my web site and social media platforms came from.

Being a free spirited sort of guy and having a pure clear mind as i was telling my daughter about being a grain of sand the thought of a supper hero came to my mind, If all the people in the world were like Grains Of Sand and came together as ONE we would have our very own Superhero and supper power.

All the pennies dropped and i immediately went to work on creating a Superhero who would created by all the people in the world  coming together which would be the greatest force ever to step on our beautiful planet earth. I came up with the name “SucCoro” which derives form the word succour/succor which means: Give assistance or aid to ” prisoners of war were liberated and succoured” We see it as our duty to Succor those in need.  To give assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.

This is my way of trying to help get people together in the world to fight for our rights, for our freedom of speech, our human rights to live in a world free from corruption control and to be the individuals who we were born to be and to never be brainwashed ever again. 

Love and peace to all all over the globe x This is our world and we need to take it back! x 

Honesty, Morals, Love and Passion together can not and will not be defeated if we all stick together.  

Carlo Bruno Chiarella x