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The ONS Statistics on Death Rates

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Several factors are contributing to an increased death rate:

1.  There appears to be a virus of some sort, though we do not believe it is of the same level of magnitude as reported by governments or the mainstream media and certainly does not warrant closing down countries.

2.  How many people have died because their serious underlying health conditions were not diagnosed, operated on or treated because normal medical services have been suspended on the grounds that the COVID-19 requires dedicating all hospital resources to it. This has contributed significantly to the increase in numbers and they will nevertheless be counted as having died of COVID-19 – many surviving relatives have been very upset about this as they know COVID-19 was not the cause of death.

3. How many people with underlying conditions have died because they were afraid to go to the hospital for fear of catch COVID-19.

4. Being told you have COVID19 when you haven’t, when you have underlying conditions can be devastating and will accelerate your demise – our beliefs about our health have an extremely powerful effect on our health, e.g. placebo effect – the flawed false positive RT PCR test results are acting as a negative placebo on an otherwise uninfected person. COVID-19 is increasing deaths rates without actually infecting people

5. Covid-19 is dangerous to those with a compromised or weak immune system. Stress, fear and panic is being created by the media and the governments all weaken the immune system. Love and support strengthen the immune system, social distancing and the denial of love and human contact weakens the immune system.

6. The misery and indignity caused to those with underlying health conditions and compromised immune systems that have been denied the love and support of their families either in hospital or in care homes.

7. The continual bombardment with notices and subliminal messages everywhere about the need to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives – this continues to create stress, fear and panic.

8. Lockdown causing the loss of millions of jobs and destruction of thousands of businesses that people have laboured at for years to build up cause huge stress and fear.

These conditions have all contributed to accelerating the mortality rates so they occur earlier than they normally would have and failing to save people because they were not diagnosed or operated on on treated in the way they would have normally.

The Key Figure for COVID-19 people who have actually died of COVID-19, and not something else. This figure should also exclude those who have died and that falsely tested positive for COVID-19 and it was attributed to COVID-19.