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In short:  As time is of the Essence here.

Conception of: SucCoro 

One for all, all for one    “The Power of People” 

Many years ago there was child from a large family who was very quiet and he loved his mother so much that he didn’t leave her side at all. 

When he went to school he didn’t really fit in as he was one of the only ones who didn’t have a father and was classed as a foreigner.  He eventually made some friends or so he thought  One day he went to call for one of his friends when he got their house  there was a high fence at the front with a wooden gate, he knocked and waited he could hear his friend and someone else giggling, he shouted over the fence “hi its me”  they just carried on giggling,  It actually seemed like it lasted forever they never opened the gate and he walked off crying his heart out.  He went home to his room and cried for hours on end,  suddenly he had a feeling he’d never felt before,  It was was a really weird feeling and flashing images of his past of what he’d heard and seen from his older brothers and sisters,  It only lasted a few seconds but was what he’d learnt all his life that he could remember all put into perspective in a matter of seconds. He immediately stopped crying and felt elated and felt he had some kind of powers that he had not seen or felt before. He learnt at a very young age that friends could be evil but didn’t make a big thing of it as he new deep down it wasn’t really there fault so he just carried on as though nothing had happened but carried a massive smile on his face inside his mind’s eye which he also learnt at a very young age he found he could be sad on the outside but also staying happy on the inside hiding it from the outside world as all people seemed to do is put others down or try to make them feel weak.

He didn’t fit in at school and tried to keep himself to himself. When he started the Junior school things got a lot worse and he was bullied to the extent he was hung up a tree by one leg. He didn’t report it he just thought he would deal with it himself as he felt a strange power wit in himself and wasn’t afraid of fear in the slightest. Back in the day they used to play british bulldog at which he was simply the best at and always made it to the other side. To get his own back he used to head for the bullies who hung him up in the tree and flatten them. Needless to say they never bothered him again. He was only about 9 or 10 years old and he’d already learnt to face his fears and hit them head on in the only what he new. 

He found if very difficult to learn anything in class it all seemed like double dutch and he just couldn’t retain much of it,  in fact at the age of 11/12 he was so pleased with himself that he could remember how to spell because!! haha.   This didn’t really bother him as he felt complete in himself and had a massive urge to learn about life and the world around him.

He was exceptionally good at sports and was so much stronger and faster than everyone else. At the age of 12 on his last sports day in  Junior School he entered the Hundred Metre, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin and Relay.  He was the fastest in the school at the hundred metres by far, metres apart in the Shot Put, Discus and Javelin, the PE teacher used to put him last in the Relay as they knew he would pass anyone who was in front of him. He won all of his events including the Relay,  He felt like he could fly and was so happy as he had found his niche in what he was good at,  which made up for him not being that good in the classroom.   He went to collect his medals at the end with so much excitement wanting to take them home to show his mum and all of his family,  but they only handed him two gold medals, he stood there waiting for the others,  the teacher asked “whats wrong”? ” he replied “i won five events and you’ve only given me two medals”?  She replied with “your only allowed to win two gold medals”  He walked off so upset and so disheartened he felt that he was he was robbed of something that he had worked so hard for,  this was confirmation to him that friends, family, teachers and all people were all the same which made him believe in himself even more and just made him stronger than ever. 

When he started Senior school he played a few games of Rugby and scored all the tries every time, after a few games he remembered what happened on his last sports day and he never played again,  the teacher went up to him and said your amazing at this sport we need to to take part and play, he remembers this conversation so well and where he was stood by the fence watching the game, he looked at the teacher and said ” sorry but i’m not interested in playing”  and just walked off.


He then went on his mission to go through life as he felt fit, he felt no hatred as he knew deep down there was a deeper force in action as to why everyone seemed to all be the same not really knowing who they were and following some sort of evil.  

He spent his life trying to help people even though they didn’t appreciate it and took him for granted.  At this point he stopped helping people for a while but he didn’t feel good in himself anymore so he learnt very fast not to let things get to his heart and he went on carrying  on helping different  people wherever he could. He just felt it was part of his destiny to help people. 

He made plans to travel the world on a mission to find out what destiny had in store for him,  he started making his plans around 12/13 years old after watching documentaries on TV about all the countries in the world, his life was set at a very young age,  he left school at the young age of 13/14yrs  to go to work in fact one of his first jobs was filling coal bags for the local Coal man. The Coal man thought its was all his Christmases all at once,  but didn’t even pay him which further concreted his thoughts of the greed and evil in the world.   It’s everywhere he used to go on deliveries with him carrying the huge coal bags on his back for a few months One day he stayed in the lorry while the coal man was talking to one of his customers he thought to himself this is not  right me not getting paid how could he ever afford to travel the world working for nothing?  so he pulled the big green money bag from behind the driver’s seat which was full to the top, it must of had hundreds of pounds in the there he could hardly pick it up,  He just took around £2 or £3 and put it back. This didn’t account for all the work he had done over the last few months but it felt a bit better,  he didn’t feel guilty for what he did he just felt he had earnt far more and helped the coal man hoping he would would of paid him something out of decency.

Time went on and he started his own business, he borrowed a tool box and started a garage all on his own at the age of 18 where he used to earn £700 per week which was a hell of a lot of money back then. 

By the time he was 19 his girlfriend went to him at work and told him she was pregnant,  He felt devastated as this changed his whole life’s plans in one foul swoop. He had always believed he should always carry out things he had planned as if he didn’t this would make him unhappy and he might not ever get the chance to do them again. At 19 the last thing on his mind was have a child and a family as he wanted to broaden his horizons and follow the life that has been set out for him  he believed this that much he still went on his travels a few times and spent a lot of his time on his own getting to know himself inside and out. He met lots of people and he picked up little bits off some of the people who he thought was a good person and who had a kind soul to help fast track him to become who he is today. The travelling and meeting so many people soon gave him the ability to read people within seconds,  he could look in there eyes and see who they were and what they were thinking,  and most of the time what was coming out of peoples mouths wasn’t what was in there minds, everyone seemed to always have ulterior motives for one reason or another, He found out the evil in people which he seen when he was a child and it was getting worse day by day, this still did not deter him from trying to help people. 

He stayed with his girlfriend through all of this, he gave her the choice of splitting up but she said she want to be with him always and forever.  He loved his son but didn’t feel he would of been any use to him as he had to still learn so much more about himself, people and the world. 

He’d sort of got up to where he’d planned for the first 7 or 8 years of his life and decided to do the right thing and settle down and got married, they settled down but always had fights as they were in two different worlds regarding how to bring there son up, they went on to have another child a daughter at the age of 30  when she was born it made him feel invincible and appreciated it a lot more as he had now grown up and was ready to take on bringing children in to world as he felt he had the knowledge to show them the ropes and to teach them of his knowledge of what he had learnt and also help guide through life’s many challenges,  he had visions of having four or five children  to teach them the ways of the world and to help and carry on where he finished off  when he leaves this beautiful world. 

Soon after his daughters birth he got very confused about his relationship as they always fought over the kids and he just couldn’t understand why,  This strong man who had always been in control of himself who would never allow the word hate in his mind and who always tried helping people suddenly came to a halt. It all got to much for him and he decided he wasn’t for this world anymore,  he was never scared of dying which always gave him so much love for life itself,  he went to the coast where he used to go to collect himself to clear his head of all the wrong doings of people who he had met and seen on the TV. 

The Evil was getting worse than ever he was sat on his own in his favourite spot by the sea and he just wanted to jump in and end his life, he was so sure he was going to go through with it, he stood there for a few minutes and was just about to jump into the ocean and suddenly he felt a numbing feeling and he couldn’t move, he managed to lie down and he closed his eyes as this was was always the best way for him to see everything,  after a few minutes he felt like he was floating away somewhere which seemed so real,  years before this he found he was able to come out of his own body and look down at himself which in itself was very scary when it first happened but he knew why it happened after a while,  as he was floating away he was watching himself disappear into the beautiful clear dark sky,  and after what seemed like a life time he opened his eyes stood up and felt elated to the extent that he felt like he was floating whilst walking back to his car, he couldn’t even remember how he got there or remember wanting to take his own life and  as he was driving home his whole body was tingling from head to toe and he felt so surreal it didn’t even feel like he was driving the car.

For years on end he tried to get to the bottom of what happened to him that day and in the end he knew it was real,  he knew it had happened and believed it happened for a reason and that one day all will become clear.

Him and his wife went on together and had two more beautiful children being four in total and spent 43 years together through thick and thin they had made it.  A very rich guy said to him once “go on then tell me what is the most important thing is to you””. He replied to spend as much time as possible with my family and for us all to keep together forever”  We became very good friends as i treated him just the same as i treated everyone, an equal to me. Were all the same and doesn’t matter how much money you have we all came with nothing and were all going with nothing except our treasured memories and souls.  

His siblings and mother had a huge fall out over money which through him all over the place for a while but he soon learnt to be able to just switch people off in his mind just like a light switch as though they never existed but still had no hate in him. He worked so much he had started to become very secure Money wise until the day his own family and mother turned on him to get all his money,  He always loved his family with all of  his heart especially his mother and couldn’t believe what they were doing to him over money the route of all evil.  Money and greed became his families God, after working his whole life 16hrs hours a day 7 days a week, week in,  week out,  for decades and to buy his own freedom to do what he wanted when he wanted with his family. This was all money was to him, to buy his freedom and to provide for his own family.

Before all that kicked off when he was 30 odd he started to travel to the Orkney islands to see his dad and to try and get to know him as he only ever seen him a few times when he was a child,  In fact the last time he had seen his dad was when he was 7 years old, he came home from school one day and saw his dad at the top of the garden not knowing he was coming home to see his family he ran up to him so happy to see his dad,  his dad said “get down to the house”, he replied “dad I’ve come to see you” his dad repeated “get down to the house” his dad  then picked his own child up by his left arm feet dangling and smacked his bottom that hard he peed himself, he ran down to the house crying his eyes out and went straight to his room. This really hit home as to what people could be like even family,  this still didn’t make the boy hate his dad as he sort of understood why he did it as he heard his mother and brothers and sisters call him and say nasty things about him which he never listened to. He saw some horrendous things as a young child before and after this happened between his brothers, sisters and mother but he never took sides as he had his own mind and always wanted to make his own mind up even from a very early age of 6 or 7yrs old

For the next 30 years all he heard was bad things about his dad, some of his brothers and sisters even went to try and live with him and they all came home hating him even more and calling him to the rest of the family. The boy never listened to them and still loved his Dad as he did his Mum until the day of course when she turned on him with the rest of the family. 

So when he was 35 he started to to go to the Orkney Islands where his father lived to try and get to know him and show him what his youngest son had achieved from not going to school to building a house which is worth today 15 million pounds.   He was so proud of himself that he wanted to share it with his Dad. The first two years of going up to see him they didn’t even have one meaning full conversation,  they were sort of was getting to know each other in a much deeper way which was quite surreal but it worked well. The Boy,  now a man knew exactly how to tackle the situation and knew deep down why his Dad couldn’t live with his mum and kids.  He still didn’t hate him after he slapped him some 24 years earlier,  The boy could always see all of his life why some people did what they did,  and always tried to find the reason why they acted like they did and he was mostly right too.   He had always seen the good in people even when they physically or mentally hurt him.  Knowing it wasn’t the real them doing it as the EVIL of the world was doing its best here. 

The third time he went to see his Dad it was about 2am in the morning and his Dad went to sit with him with a bottle of red wine and two glasses. It was time for their first chat, his dad had seen that he wasn’t the same as the rest of my family and he must of come to terms with the day he smacked me so hard and he the boy never even brought it up. The first thing the Dad said was  ” i need to talk to you about your mother” . the son the baby of the family replied Wo wo wo dad i’ve just had 30 years of  Mum and my brothers and sisters call you and say some horrible things about you, he then goes to say he didn’t listen to any of it and that he  come up here to get to know you myself and to make my own mind up. This part broke his dad,  he said “Dad i love you and mum the same, you both made me and that’s all i ever think about”. He just went quiet like a little baby and couldn’t say anything. After 66 years of being alive he had never heard any of his kids say they love him just the same as Mum well not that the son knew of anyway. He said if we can work on this basis then we can start getting to know each other as father and son.

He seemed like the happiest man alive and that alone made the son feel amazing as it instantly took all the bad feelings his father had to live with all his life. He couldn’t believe his baby son made him feel loved for the right reasons. The farther had ongoing health problems for years which the son put down to a breaking heart and shortly after there last time together the father went into hospital and died quiet quickly. There a part just before he dies which is so incredible that will come later. The son was on holiday when he died and soon as he got back he drove up to the Orkney islands to his funeral with his wife, children and sister. The son said to his sister and wife he wanted to see his Dad for the last time, they said no you better not the son said i’m not asking,  i just need to see my Dad for the last time (crying right now), when the lid of his coffin came up he was laying there looking so beautiful, all clean shaven and in a suit with his hands together on his chest,  the son had a black and white photo of his Mum and Dad when there were in the 40s and  he looked just like that he looked so young compared to when he was alive. This told the son a story that he would never forget he believed his Dad looked so peaceful and young because he died happy knowing one of his sons told him they loved him. That day the son made a promise to himself when i die i’m  going to die happy. To this day he has never ever let anything or anyone get to him to make him unhappy.   

A few years after his father passed away his mother got took ill, he went to the house where she was on her dying day where the rest of his family were too, the family had not spoken for years but all respected their mother’s last few days.  The mother looked old and bitter which he kept to himself,  but the son made sure he watched his mother’s last breath and whispered something in here ear. 

When we all went to the chapel of rest he asked to see his Mother for the last time,  when he looked he was amazed but not surprised, she looked just like the day she died, old and bitter. This concreted his thoughts about want to die happy as his father did.

As time went on after the big family fall out he lost interest in his business and the hunger for money which was to help him and his family have a life of freedom, he didn’t want to earn any money as it showed him it was pure evil as his own family had stolen  it all from him, he invested a large amount of money to buy a house and build a granny flat for his mother and put it all into his sisters name. His solicitor rang him and said “what are you doing”   you’ve just sent a cheque for the house and asked me to put it in your sisters name, he replied “its OK its my sister i love her and i trust her”. Shortly after this when the granny flat was nearly built for our mother to live in, they all robbed him and his family of their last penny!  There was about 2 years of arguing and it was making him ill,  he lost all faith in people and mankind and didn’t really leave the house for two years. Then one day he woke up and said to himself thank you mum and family for teaching me one of the best  lessons of his life. Blood isn’t thicker than water and no matter who you are evil will always get you if you let it. He told his wife and she said how can you thank them for what they’ve done he replied they have taken up enough of his life and he needed to move on and start to trust people again as it was a lonely world locking everyone out and tarring everyone with the same brush  he was now at the strongest he had ever been and he continued to help people even more that ever. 

A good few years passed and he wanted a change in career and thought what’s the best way to engage with people again,  He decided to throw himself in the deep end and get a pub where he would have no choice to build his relationship back up with people who he had always loved,  It became the busiest free house pub within a hundred miles within three months,  He had an investment partner who didn’t have anything to do with the running of the place but loved what he was doing,  He felt in his element as most people would go to him and discuss their problems, some would say i don’t why I’ve told you this, I’ve never told anyone not even my best friend, mother or father, hey just felt they could tell him anything and he helped hundreds of people through having a pub and social media. 

This is what made him tick seeing other people being happy and away from the torture they’ve lived with for years and years. Away from the evil of the world and to help them become who they were born to be.

When he had a grandchild it just changed everything again another level, along with that his sons wife had two beautiful daughters who he adored as though they were his own blood. His son made him so proud the way he took his wife’s daughters under his wing like his own,  In fact he said “son your a better man than me because as i was growing up i couldn’t ever imagine not having my own children”  I’m not sure if i could of done what you have, taking on someone else’s children the way you have,  Not in a bad way,  this made him feel like the happiest man alive as his son turned out to be a beautiful loving human being as all of his children did and still are today.

The big game changer here is the Grandchildren this made him think further into the future and to try and help the world be a better place to live. 

It soon became time to put all of his life’s knowledge and experiences to work full time. 

He always thought there would be a world disaster or rebellion against the world leaders as they were just plain evil, but he didn’t think it would be in his lifetime,  Then the biggest pandemic the world has ever seen came along which he thought was started by the evil of the world to achieve full power and control of the globes population who have, what he believed to be brainwashed for that long since the early 1900s that they didn’t know anything else. 

In a way he was glad that it happened in his life time so he could help try and secure a future for his own family and the population of the world. He made it his priority to research as as much as he could and to show as many people he could on social media.

He left his family and explained to them that he needed to do this as he couldn’t just sit there and watch the world be taken over by the evil and the devil. Mankind own the world not just a few rich men who just use us The Population to feed there hunger for money and power, without us they have nothing, without them we have everything including our freedom which is what we have all been blessed with. 

He vowed he would die fighting for what he believed in, rather than just laying down and becoming a puppet of the future. He just couldn’t get in his head his Grandkids and the globes population living a life like what was coming to us all if we just sit back and take it. 

As he was telling his daughter he was trying to help save the world,  she looked at him like Dad  he said to her “its not like he thinks hes a superhero, and that he was just a grain of sand on the whole scheme of things, and if enough grains of sand got together as in if enough people got together we could have a voice that could be heard and we could take our world back”  As he was telling her he actually imagined  what if there was a superhero that was made up of all the population of the world, it would be the most powerful thing the world has ever seen.    

At that moment all the pennies dropped from all of his experiences he had in his life especially the time when he went to take his own life, all the dots linked together in an instance he said to himself this is my calling and SucCoro was born,  to help bring the population of the globe together as one to fight the evil and the devil for our rights, freedom and our beautiful planet we all call our home.

To be Continued.


One for all, all for one